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Siemens ACUSON Sequoia 512

ACUSON Sequoia 512 B 

Echo-cardiac, OB/GYN, Vascular and Radiology


System Description:

Siemens ACUSON Sequoia system technology not only sets the standard in ultrasound, 
but continuously raises it — on a single sustainable platform designed to create new opportunities for clinical excellence and synergistic technology migration.

Consider the ultra-premium ACUSON Sequoia™ 512 ultrasound system. It is based on the four cornerstones of unparalleled system performance: Coherent Imaging Technologies; Innovative
Transducer Technologies; DIMAQ™ integrated ultrasound workstation; and Advanced Imaging Technologies.

Now the Siemens ACUSON Sequoia 512 system builds upon this proven foundation by offering even more significant, high-level imaging capabilities dedicated to ultrasound, including: High-density acoustic sampling, Wider acoustic apertures, Expanded bandwidth, Precise control of the transmitted echo pulse, New transducer technologies

The Sequoia 512 system brings the value of vision to the most challenging demands of ultrasound, delivering the real-world benefits of superior performance. Clinical innovation. Improved workflow. Technology for advanced imaging capabilities.


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ACUSON Sequoia 512 Specifications

  • 19" color CRT monitor
  • Native tissue harmonic imaging (NTHI)
  • DIMAQ: image management
  • Advanced vascular analysis, and spatial compounding
  • Native patient specific imaging
  • Mitral valve assessment
  • CPS contrast pulse sequencing technology
  • Clarifying vascular enhancement technology
  • High resolution color flow
  • Tissue echo quantification (TEQ)
  • Coherent beamformer technology/spatial compounding
  • Space/time resolution control
  • Cine and zoom/RES


ACUSON Sequoia 512 Options and Upgrades

The ultra-premium performance ACUSON Sequoia™ 512 ultrasound system sets the standard in ultrasound and creates new opportunities for clinical excellence. Unique, patented core technologies separate this system from all others in imaging performance, long-term potential, clinical capabilities, and return on investment.
Keeping you at the cutting edge of advanced clinical applications: The High Performance Imaging Release (S12.2) software delivers unrivaled image quality for vascular, small parts, breast, transcranial, and musculoskeletal applications. With a new flat panel display with articulating arm, improved operator ergonomics, versatile reporting packages, and enhanced workflow the S12.2 release will be the centerpiece of your practice..

ACUSON Sequoia 512 Transducers

  • Sequoia - 15L8
  • Sequoia - 15L8W
  • Sequoia - 17L5HD
  • Sequoia - 2.0 Mhz CW
  • Sequoia - 3V2c
  • Sequoia - 4V1c
  • Sequoia - 4V2
  • Sequoia - 5C2
  • Sequoia - 5V2c
  • Sequoia - 6L3
  • Sequoia - 7V3c
  • Sequoia - 8C2
  • Sequoia - 8C4
  • Sequoia - 8L5
  • Sequoia - 8L5T
  • Sequoia - 8V3
  • Sequoia - 8V5
  • Sequoia - 9L4
  • Sequoia - EC-10C5
  • Sequoia - EV-8C4
  • Sequoia - SwiftLink AcuNav (MP)
  • Sequoia/Aspen - TE-V5Ms
  • Sequoia/S2000 - 10V4
  • Sequoia/S2000 - 14L5
  • Sequoia/S2000 - 4C1
  • Sequoia/S2000 - 4V1
  • Sequoia/S2000 - 6C2
  • TE-V5M for: Sequoia/Aspen/XP
  • TE-V5Ms For: Sequoia/Cypress




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