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Looking for something portable and affordable? Look no more!

You need something portable and mobile that you can take with you on the go. Here at UDS we understand. Portable ultrasound imaging systems, also known simply as portable ultrasounds, are a true necessity in today's fast paced medical environment. Whether it be for emergency situations or a location with confirmed quarters, UDS can assist with determining the perfect tool for your specific ultrasound application. Whether you have a larger or small practice, Universal Diagnostic Solutions can help you get started with using the right imagine device for your specific portable ultrasound needs at a price that is affordable.



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Mindray Portable Ultrasound Machines


Logo mindray M7 large Minday M7
Logo mindray m9 cr1 Minday M9
Logo mindray DP 30 Mindray DP-30
Logo mindray mindray dp 50 Mindray DP-50
Logo mindray 29408 Mindray M5
Logo mindray Mindray TE 7 Portable Ultrasound Machine Mindray TE-7
Logo mindray 0 mindray z5 portable ultasound system ob Mindray Z5
Logo mindray Mindray Z6 portable ultrasound machine Mindray Z6


Chison Portable Ultrasound Machines


Logo Chison new chison eco2 portable ultrasound system

Chison ECO2

Logo Chison new chison eco3 expert white Chison ECO3 Expert
Logo Chison new 2014619164543392 Chison ECO5
Logo Chison new 00 Q5 Chison Q5 Advanced
Logo Chison new chison Q6 275px Chison Q6
Logo Chison new 001 Chison Q9
Logo Chison new sonotouch10 thumbnail2 Chison SonoTouch 10
Logo Chison new sonotouch 20 175 Chison SonoTouch 20
Logo Chison new chison eco3 expert white Chison SonoTouch 30


SonoScape Portable Ultrasound Machines 


sonoscape A6 THUMB SonoScape A6
sonoscape S2 SonoScape S2
sonoscape SonoScape S8 275 SonoScape S8
sonoscape s8exp 310 SonoScape S8Exp


SonoSite Portable Ultrasound Machines


sonosite 1 00 s180 initial SonoSite 180 Plus
sonosite 1 M Turbo thumb SonoSite M Turbo
sonosite 1 micromaxx THUMB SonoSite MicroMaxx
sonosite 1 00 titan THUMB SonoSite Titan


GE Portable Ultrasound Machines 


GE Healthcare logiqbook THUMBNAIL GE LOGIQ Book
GE Healthcare logiqbook THUMBNAIL GE LOGIQ Book XP
GE Healthcare logiq e THUMBNAIL GE LOGIQ e
GE Healthcare logiq e THUMBNAIL GE LOGIQ i
GE Healthcare venue40 GE Venue 40
GE Healthcare vivid E 275px GE Vivid E
GE Healthcare vivid THUMBNAIL GE Vivid i
GE Healthcare Voluson THUMBNAIL GE Voluson E
GE Healthcare 01Voluson i product spotlight GE Voluson I


EDAN Portable Ultrasound Machines 


edan U50 Prime edition EDAN U50 Prime


Philips Portable Ultrasound Machines 


phillips icon CX50 image Philips CX50



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