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Chison SonoTouch 10

Veterinary Ultrasound SonoTouch 275

OB / GYN, MSK, General imaging, Small parts, Emergency Medicine, Abdominal

System Description:

The SonoTouch 10 portable ultrasound makes navigating the user interface of an ultrasound system easier than ever. The SonoTouch literally redefines ease of use, the amazingly intuitive and streamlined user interface makes for a truly hassle free experience. Performance on the SonoTouch was no sacrifice and is impressive for it's size, producing amazingly clear & smooth images. The SonoTouch 10 portable ultrasound boots up in under 30 seconds with a extremely long 2.5 hour runtime. The SonoTouch is compact, durable and lightweight with versatile positioning options. Utilize the image management suite or the systems intelligent features with ease.


Chison SonoTouch 10 Specifications


  • Abdominal
  • OB & GYN
  • Cardiac
  • Vascular
  • Small parts
  • Pediatric
  • Neonatal
  • Musculoskeletal


  • 15" LCD
  • 2 probe connectors
  • 320 GB Hard disk
  • 2 USB ports
  • THI on all probes

  • Speckle Reduction Algorithm (SRA)
  • Multiple Compound Imaging (MCI)

  • i-ImageTM

Imaging Modes:

  • B, 2B, 4B, B/M
  • B/BC, CFM
  • PW, HPRF, CW
  • PD, Directional PD
  • Instant Triplex, Duplex, Quadplex
  • Trapezoidal
  • Curved Panoramic Imaging(option)
  • 4D (option)
  • Chroma B/M/PW/CW
  • ECG (option)
  • Free Steering M (option)
  • Color M (option)
  • TDI (option)


  • DICOM 3.0
  • Portable Stand
  • Small Format Thermal Printer
  • 3 Probe Connector Module


Chison SonoTouch 10 Transducers


  • C3 Convex Array 2-6 Mhz Abdominal, General Imaging, Ob/Gyn
  • L7M Linear Array 5-10 Mhz Vascular, Small Parts, Lower extremity
  • L7S Linear Array 5-13 Mhz Vascular, MSK, Small Parts, Superficial, Nerve Imaging
  • MC3 Micro-convex Array 2.5-5 MHz Micro-Convex Abdominal, Cardiac, Ob/Gyn
  • MC6 Micro-convex Array 4-8 MHz Micro-Convex Abdomainal, Ob/Gyn, Small Parts
  • P3 Phased Array 2.5-4 MHz Cardiac, Abdominal
  • R7 Endocavity 5-10MHz Transvaginal Side Fire
  • V6 Micro-convex Array 4-7.5MHz Transvaginal Ob/Gyn, Urology



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