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Let us help you find the perfect ultrasound transducer.

Ultrasound transducers, also known as a ultrasound probes, are something that we take pride in helping our customers with.




We want to help you find the right ultrasound transducer for the job!

Let UDS assist with determining the perfect tool for your specific ultrasound application. Whether you have a larger or small practice, Universal Diagnostic Solutions can help you get started with using the right imagine device for your specific scenario whether it be a portable ultrasound system probe or a probe for a console based ultrasound system.


Ultrasound transducer for 3D imaging

  Probe type  Feature  Application

Linear type ultrasound 3D transducer

Real time 3D imaging with wide footprint and keeps same field of view at deep part.

  • Breast, Thyroid and Arteria carotis of vascular application.

Convex (Curved) type ultrasound 3D transducer

Real time 3D imaging with wide footprint, field of view will be spread at deep part.

  • Abdominal application. 
  • Transvaginal and Transrectal application.

Ultrasound transducer for 2D imaging

  Probe type   Feature   Application

probe linear

Linear type ultrasound 2D transducer

feature 01

Wide footprint, keeps same field of view at deep part.

  • Vasucular application
  • Arteria carotis
  • IMT, FMD measurement for early detection of arterial sclerosis
  • Venipuncture, blood vessel visualization, breast, thyroid, tendon, arthrogenous, intraoperative, laparoscopy.
  • The thickness measurement of body fat and musculus for daily healthcare check and locomotive syndrome check

Convex (Curved) type ultrasound 2D transducer

Wide footprint, field of view will be spread at deep part.

  • Abdominal application.
  • Transvaginal and Transrectal application.
  • Diagnoses organs.

Phased (Sector) type ultrasound 2D transducer

Small footprint, field of view will be spread widely at deep part.

  • Cardiac application.
  • Transesophageal application.
  • Abdominal application.
  • Brain diagnosis.

Single type ultrasound 2D transducer

A) The measurement of distance.

B) B mode scanning by mechanical rotation.

  • Ophthalmology.
  • Transesophageal application.
  • Transvaginal and Transrectal application.
  • Transurethral application.
  • The blood flow measurement with Doppler.



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